Healthyr: How might my sample get rejected?

The most common rejection reason is insufficient blood, but other ways can lead to an unsuccessful test.

  • Your red blood does not cross the 1st line. Passing the 3rd line is okay, but the lab needs to punch out the serum (the whiteish clear part you see after your red blood), so there must be enough space for your blood to separate on the rectangular portion of the ADX card.
  • Touching or wiping the ADX card. Please make sure you don't touch your ADX card or try to wipe away any blood that falls outside the collection area. This can contaminate your sample and might cause rejection from the lab. 
  • You let the collection square dry and then go to add more blood. Additional blood added to the square will not separate correctly once the blood on the card dries. Make sure you fill one square before taking a break or stopping.
  • You did not mail your sample back soon enough. We recommend sending your ADX card back within one day of collection. This ensures the sample does not expire before it reaches the lab for testing. 
  • You place the ADX card into the blood collection bag before it dries. Once you have finished your collection, ensure the blood is dried completely before putting it in the mailer bag, we recommend waiting at least an hour. 

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